Position of the companions on Innovators

 Abu Abdullaah Muhammad bin Ahmad bin Mufarraj said:“Abu Ja’far Ahmad bin Awn illaah (d. 378H) would show rejection against the People and Innovation and call them to account, showing extreme harshness against them, utterly humiliating them,… always seek to pick out their faults, rushing to damage them, vehemently oppressive against them, chasing them away whenever he was able to, not allowing them to remain. And every one of them (Ahl ul-Bid’ah) used to be frightened of him, and would seek to hide and protect himself from him. He (Abu Ja’far Ahmad) would never compromise with a single one of them, and nor would he allow any of them to remain safe. And if he came across evil and witnessed any deviation from the Sunnah, he would oppose it and would disgrace and humiliate (its perpetrator), and he would announce the affair of this person and declare his own disownment of him by mentioning the evil of such a one in the various public gatherings, and he would incite others against him such that he either destroyed him or caused him to abandon his evil and repugnant madhhab and his evil doctrine. And he would never cease to remain upon this habit, making Jihaad therein, seeking the Face of Allaah, up until he met Allaah.” (Taareekh Dimashq 5/118). And he is the Muhaddith, Imaam, Ahmad bin Awn illaah bin Hudair Abu Ja’far al-Andalusee al-Qurtubee (d. 378H).

Abu Uthmaan as-Saaboonee (d. 449H) – may Allaah have mercy upon him – said: “And along with that they [the Salaf who have passed before him] unanimously agreed with their saying about the Ahl ul-Bid’ah, that they should be subdued, humiliated and disgraced, banished and driven away. That [one must] keep away from them, from those who associate with them and from those who are intimate with them. And to seek nearness to Allaah by avoiding them and fleeing from them.” (Aqeedat us-Salaf wa Ashaabil-Hadeeth).

Imaam Maalik Ibn Anas, may Allaah have mercy on him  said: “Whosoever introduces into Islaam an innovation, which he deems is good, then he has claimed that Muhammad (saws) has betrayed (the trust of conveying) the Message.

Read the saying of Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic: ‘This day I have completed your Religion for you, and I have perfected My favor upon you, and I am pleased with Islaam as a Religion for you.’ [Surat-ul-Maa’idah:3] So whatever was not (part of) the Religion on that day, is not (part of) the Religion on this day. And the last part of this ummah (nation) will not be rectified, except by that which rectified its first part.” 

This was from the understanding of Imaam Maalik, the Imaam of Daar-ul-Hijrah, such that he plainly stated in a clear Arabic language that whoever introduces into Islaam just one innovation and then claims that it is something good, he has in fact claimed that Muhammad (saws) betrayed the Message. And whoever makes this claim, he does not believe (truly) that “Muhammad is His slave and messenger.” As is very clear in the words of this noble Imaam, it (the innovation) is “not (part of) the Religion on this day.” 

So it is upon the Muslim to implement his Ittibaa’ (following of the Prophet), such that he could be truthful in (his declaration that) Muhammad, Allaah’s Messenger, is His slave and messenger. And that he (saws) brought the complete and pure message, without adding to it or subtracting from it. If this is the case, then every Muslim must acknowledge his extent and stop at the points where his Prophet (saws) has placed limits for him, such as the acts of worship and deeds of obedience (to Allaah). This is because the pen has dried with what was revealed previously (i.e. no more revelation after Muhammad (saws). And there was no room left open to approve of an act of worship that didn’t exist previously in the first days (i.e. of the Prophet). Consequently, our pious predecessors (Salaf As-Saalih) have come and gone all acknowledging the extent of the Prophet (saws) in that he first fulfilled his mission and conveyed the Message, as you know. And (second) that he was the best worshipper amongst Allaah’s worshippers and the most fearing of Allaah. So there is no room to correct him: Author: Imaam Muhammad Naasir-ud-Deen Al-Albaanee 
Source: Al-Asaalah, Issue #21 Translator: isma’eel alarcon 

Beware of friendship with the people of the innovated sects, innovated beliefs and people of deviation, beware of sitting with them and beware of listening to them or hearing or reading their words, beware of debating with them and arguing with them – and allowing them to quote their misguided beliefs to you. Imam al-Laalikaa’ee mentions a large number of narration’s from the Salaf warning against associating with the people of innovation in his ‘Sharh Usool I’tiqaad Ahlis-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah’ – here are some of them (chains of narration omitted):-

…from Ayyoob (as-Sakhtiyaanee) who said: “Indeed from the well-being of a youth or a non-Arab is that Allah should guide them to a scholar from the companions of the Sunnah.”

… from Ibn Shawdhab who said : “indeed from the blessings of Allah upon a youth who seeks to worship Allah is that he is granted as a brother a companion of the Sunnah who encourages him upon it.”

.. from ‘Abdur-Rahman ibn Yazeed who said: I heard ‘Abdullaah ibn Mas’ood say: “Beware of the innovations which the people invent, since the Deen does not pass out of the hearts all at once – rather Shaitaan introduces innovations for him until he expels Eemaan from the heart; and it will soon happen that the people will abandon the obligatory duties which Allaah has made binding upon them – the Prayer, the Fast, the lawful and the prohibited, and speak about their Lord – the Mighty and Majestic. So who ever reaches that time then let him flee.” It was said: “O Aboo Abdur-Rahman, to where? He said: “Not to anywhere, he should flee with his heart and his Deen and not sit with anyone of the people of innovation.”

…From Mujaahid who said: “It was said to Ibn Umar that Najdah says so and so …, but he stopped himself from hearing it for fear that some of it would fall into his heart.”

…From Al-Hasan [i.e. Al-Basaree] who used to say: “Do not sit with the people of innovated beliefs, do not debate with them and do not listen to them.”

…(From) Sa’eed ibn ‘Aamir who said: I heard Ismaa’eel [i.e. Ibn Khaarijah] narrate, saying: two men from the people of the innovated sects came to Muhammad Ibn Seereen and said: “O Aboo Bakr we want to narrate something to you.” He said: “No.” They said: “Then may we recite an Aayah from Allaah’s book to you?” He said: “No.” He said: “Either you two get up and leave or I will get up.” So the two men stood up and left. So one of the people said: “What harm would it do to you for him to recite an Aayah?” He said: “I hated that he should recite an Aayah and that they would distort it and then it would enter my heart.”

…From Aboo Qulaabah who said: “Do not sit with them and do not mix with them for I do not feel safe that they will not drown you in their misguidance and confuse you about much that you used to know.”

…From Ayyoob as-Sakhtiyaanee who said: Aboo Qulaabah said to me “O Ayyoob, memorise four things from me: Do not speak about the Quraan from your opinion, and beware of Qadr, and if the companions of Muhammad are mentioned then withhold, and do not let the people of innovation gain access to your hearing.”

…Ma’mar said: Ibn – Taawoos was sitting when one of the Mu’tazilah came and began speaking, so ibn Taawoos entered his fingers into his ears and said to his son: “O My son put your fingers into your ears and press tightly so you do not hear any of his speech.” Ma’mar said: Meaning that the heart is weak.

…’Abdur Razzaaq narrated to us saying: Ibraaheem ibn Abee Yahya said to me: “I think that there are many from the Mu’tazilah in your area!?” I said: “Yes and they claim that you are one of them.” He said: “Will you enter this shop with me so that I can speak with you?” I said: “No.” He said: “Why?!” I said: “Since the heart is weak and the Deen is not for the one who overcomes in debating.”

…From Al-Awzaa’ee who said: ‘Umar ibn ‘Abdul – ‘Azeez said: “if you see a people meeting secretly concerning the Deen with anything to the exclusion of the common people – then know that they are upon the foundation of misguidance.”

…Yoosaf ibn Asbaat said: I heard Muhammad Ibn An – Nadral – Haarithee say: “Whoever lends ear to an innovator – and knows that he is an innovator then the protection is removed form him and he is left to himself.”

…Yoonus ibn ‘ Ubayd said: “Do not sit with a ruler or an innovator .”

…Amad ibn Yoonus said: A man said to Sufyaan – and I was listening – ‘O Aboo’ Abdullaah advice me.’ He said: “Beware of innovated sects and disputation and beware of rulers.”

…Yahyaa ibn Abee Katheer said: “If you see a person of innovation upon a certain road then take a different one.”

…Ismaa’eel at – Toosee said: Ibn al – Mubaarak said to me: “let your sitting be with the poor and beware of sitting with a person of innovation.”

…al – Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad said: “Whichever man someone comes to asking for advice and he directs him to an innovator then he has acted deceitfully towards Islam, and beware of entering upon a person of innovation since they prevent from the truth.”

…al – Fudayl said; “Do not sit with an innovator for I fear that curses will descend upon you.”

…al – Fudayl said: “Do not sit with an innovator – Allaah has rendered his deeds futile and taken out the light of Islaam from his heart, and if Allaah loves a servant he grants him good and pure food.”

… al – Fudayl said : “Do not trust the innovator concerning your Deen, and do not seek his advice in your affairs, and do not sit with him since whoever sits with an innovator – Allah will cause him to become blind.”

al-Fudayl said: “Allah has angels who seek out the gatherings of dhikr – so look to whose gathering you sit in – let it not be with the person of innovation since Allah will not look to them, and the sign of Hypocrisy is that a man gets up and sits with an innovator.”

… al-Fudayl said: ” The souls of pre-arranged armies – so whichever of them knew each other will come together, and those who did not will be separate, and it is not possible that a person of Sunnah assists an innovator except due to hypocrisy.”

… al-Fudayl said: “I reached the best of the people – all of them were people of the Sunnah and they warned against the people of innovation.”

… al-Fudayl said: “Glad tidings for one who died upon Islam and the Sunnah – and if that is the case then let one say much : As Allah wills (Maa Shaa Allah).”

… al Hasan said: “From the person of innovation Allah does not accept Prayer, nor Fasting, nor Hajj, nor ‘Umra, nor Jihaad, nor repentance, nor charity.”

… al Hasan said: “Allah does not accept anything from a person of innovation.”

… al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyaad said: “No action of the person of innovation is raised up to Allah.”

… Ibraaheem ibn Maysarah said: “He who honours an innovator has assisted in the demolition of Islaam.”

… ‘Abdullaah ibn ‘Umar as-Sarkhusee – the scholar of al-Khazar – said: I ate a single meal with an innovator and Ibn al-Mubaarak heard of it so he said : “I will not speak to him for thirty days.”

… al-Fudayl said: Ibn al-Mubaarak said: “I have not seen any wealth which I despise more than that of a person of innovation” and he said: ‘O Allah do not let any innovator give me anything so that my heart should love him.”

… from Ibraaheem [i.e. an-Nakha’ee] who said: “There is no backbiting regarding an innovator.”

… from al-Hasan al-Basaree, who said: “There are three who have no inviolability with regard to backbiting: one of them is the person of innovation who calls to his innovation.”

… from Katheer, Aboo Sahl who said: “It is said that there is no inviolability for the people of innovated sects.”

… from ‘Abdullaah ibn al-Mubaarak said: “The person of innovation has darkness in his face even if he anoints it thirty times a day.”

… Sallaam ibn Abee Mutee’ said: a man said to Ayyoob: ‘O Abu Bakr, ‘Amr ibn ‘Ubayd has turned back from his opinion !!’ He said: “He has not turned back.” He said: ‘Indeed, O Aboo Bakr, he has turned back.” Ayyoob said: “He has not turned back – (three times) – he has not turned back. Have you not heard his (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) saying:”They shoot out from the Deen just as the arrow shoots through the prey, then they do not return to it until the arrow returns to the bow – string”.”

… Ayyoob used to call all the people of the innovated sects ‘Khawaarij’ and say : “The Khawaarij have different names but are all united upon use of the sword.”

… Sallaam said: A person of the innovated sects said to Ayyoob : “I want ask you about a word.” He turned away and said: ” No, nor even a half a word.” – Twice indicating with his finger.

… Malik ibn Anas said: ” Is to be the case that every time someone comes who can argue better than another that we are to abandon what Jibreel brought to Muhammad (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) because of his argument?!”

Yaws ibn Asbaat narrated to us, saying :
*I heard Muhammad ibn an-Nadr al-Haarithee say: “Whoever listens to a person of innovation – and knows that he is a person of innovation – then protection is taken away from him, and he is left to himself.” [Al-Imam al-Hafiz Abul-Qaasim Habatullaah ibn al-Hasan ibn Mansoor at-Tabaree AL – LAALIKAA’EE (d.418 H) reports in his ‘ Sharh Usool I’tiqaad Ahlis-Sunnah wal-Jamaa’ah ‘ (1/135-136/no. 252]

‘Ubaadah ibn Kulayb Aboo Ghassan al-Laythee narrated to us :from Muhammad ibn an-Nadr al-Haarithee, who said: “Whoever listens to a person of innovation and knows that he is a person of innovation – then he is left to himself and leaves the protection of Allaah.” [Imaam Aboo ‘Abdullaah ibn Muhammad IBN BATTAH al-‘Akbaree al-Hanbalee (d. 387 H) reports it in his ‘Ibaanatul-Kubra’ (2/460/no.443]

And ‘Abdul-Quddoos ibn Bakr narrated from Muhammad ibn an-Nadr that he said : “The greatest start of Knowledge is to listen and remain silent, then to memorise it, then to act upon it, then to spread it.”

Yahyaa ibn ‘Umar ath-Thaqafee narrated to us, that he heard : SUFYAAN ATH-THAWREE say ; “Whoever listens to a person of innovation leaves the protection of Allah

Imaam Al-Baqhawee said: And the shaaba, the tabieen, their successors and the scholars of the sunnah passed away while they were upon this united and unamiously agreed upon having enmity towards the Ahulul-bidah (the people of innovation and fleeing from them. Sharah us-sunnah 1/227

Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimuhullah) said: “Thus if it [the innovation] is done publicly, then its recompense must be done in public, as well, in accordance with conceivable justice. For this reason, it is not considered backbiting to talk about one who openly publicizes his innovations and wickedness, as has been reported on Al-Hasan Al-Basree and others. This is because when one publicizes that, he justifies himself to be punished by the Muslims. The least of these forms of punishment is that he should be dispraised and …dishonored so that the people may avoid and refrain from him and his deviance. And if he is not dispraised and the evil or disobedience or innovation that lies within him is not conveyed (to the public), then the people will be deceived by him. Then it is likely that this will bring some of them to act upon what he believes in. At the same time, it will only cause him to increase in his daringness, evil and disobedience.”

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