Suicide or martyrdom?

The position of Authentic Islam on Suicide bombing opposes that of the khawaarji who see suicide bombing as martyrdom due to their ignorance concerning the fiqh of Jihad. In the  Quran and Athentic sunnah there is no evidence to support suicide bombing as martyrdom or acceptable in any shape or form.

“The likes of Anwar al Awalaki who agree with suicide bombing as martyrdom have been polluted by the ideas of Sayyid Qutb al-Misree and similar to him Aboo Qataad, Aboo Muhammad al-Maqdisee and many others besides them. All of these individuals and the same applies to this man have been influenced by the likes of Sayyid Qutb; and Sayyid Qutb, is the flag bearer of takfeer in this time. His book, Ma’aalim fit-Tareeq (Milestones) proves this clearly as Sayyid erroneously and falsely declared the entire Ummah to be disbelievers, the rulers and their subjects (By the Noble Scholar of Madeenah, Shaykh ‘Ubayd Ibn ‘Abdullaah al-Jaabiree)

Lets look at what the our noble scholars have stated on this subject….

Dr. Abdullaah bin Abdur- Rahmaan al-Jarboo states: “There is no precedent in history (i.e. Islamic) of anyone committing suicide in jihad! Rather, there was one who committed suicide during a battle in the era of the messenger, but the prophet condemned him for that.

On the account of there not being any clear text to support them, they resort to analogical deduction by comparing suicide bombings to al-Iqtihaam(attacking the enemy ranks individually), exposing one’s self to the possibility of being killed; or they compare these bombings with the permissibility of at-Tatarrus( making one’s self or the use of one as a human shield in a face-to-face battle with the enemy). The al-mutatarras bihi (soldier used as a human shield) who is killed to create an advantage for the Muslim forces, is not to be compared to one who kills himself!

All of their proofs return to their comparing suicide attacks with al-Iqtihaam or at-Tatarrus. Consequently, the response to this is that they oppose the verdict passed by those firmly rooted in legislated knowledge, which is the outlawing of killing of one’s self. The people of knowledge, the scholars, have explained that there are definitive texts showing that the one who kills himself with anything will be punished with the self-same object and method from his death until resurrection day.

In addition to this, whoever killed himself deliberately, then he is considered as a suicide, and is included among those threatened with the fire of hell.

The scholars have clarified that the approved warfare mentioned in Allaah’s statement,

يقاتلون في سبيل الله فيقتلون و يقتلون

“�they fight in Allaah’s path, wherein they kill the enemy or are killed by the enemy�”

 There is not a third situation where it is mentioned that they kill them selves!

This is what is connected with the definitive texts that prove the illegality of killing one’s self in any condition.

As far as the verdicts of those firmly rooted in knowledge, then those such as:

  • Shaykh Abdul-Azeez bin Baaz
  • The Permanent Committee for the issuance of verdicts in Saudi Arabia
  • Shaykh Muhammad ibn SAalih al-Uthaymeen
  • Imam al-Albaanee

And many others than these scholars, known for their knowledge, righteousness, and understanding, have agreed with the consensus, and following the example of those firmly established scholars before them, that killing of one’s self is forbidden!

If we accept that for the sake of argument that suicide is lawful, then it is an invalid analogy because of existing disparities that in both cases, this person is killed by other than himself.

Similarly, the jurists have explained that there exists the condition of the battle taking place amongst a crowd of combatants, and of there being a dire necessity.

It has become clear to us that the Takfeerees’ dependence upon these proofs is futile. As a result of this, they contradict and oppose those scholars deeply rooted in knowledge, and muddle up the issue by resorting to analogy to prove their stance, which is not allowed, and is considered a satanic analogy” (End of the Shaikh’s words)


 The Suicide Bomber is Not A Martyr And Is In Hellfire

The Words of Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen Concerning Suicide Bombings

Shaikh Ibn Uthaymeen, may Allaah have mercy upon him, said in his explanation of Riyaadus-Saaliheen (1/165-166), whilst giving some points of benefit from the hadeeth of Suhayb, may Allaah be pleased with him:”That Allaah¹s Messenger, sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam, said, “There used to be a king amongst those who came before you, and he had a sorcerer. So when he grew old he said to the king, I have become old so send a boy to me so that I can teach him sorcery” ­ the hadeeth. (Riyaadhus-Saaliheen, no. 30) 

Fourthly: That it is permissible for a person to expose himself to danger for a matter of general benefit to the Muslims, because the boy indicated to the king the way in which he would be able to kill him, and which would lead to his demise, which was that he should take an arrow from his quiver etc.

Shaikhul-Islaam (Ibn Taymiyyah) said, “Because this was a Jihaad in Allaah¹s cause, which caused a whole nation to truly believe, and he did not really lose anything, since although he died he would have to die anyway, sooner or later.”

But as for what some people do regarding activities of suicide, tying explosives to themselves and then approaching Unbelievers and detonating them amongst them, then this is a case of suicide ­ and Allaah¹s refuge is sought. So whoever commits suicide then he will be consigned eternally to Hell-Fire, remaining there forever, as occurs in the hadeeth of the Prophet, sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam. (i.e., his, sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam, saying, ” and whoever kills himself with an iron weapon, then the iron weapon will remain in his hand, and he will continuously stab himself in his belly with it in the Fire of Hell eternally, forever and ever.” Reported by al-Bukhaaree, no. 5778 and Muslim, no. 109, in the Book of Eemaan.) Because this person has killed himself and has not benefited Islaam. So if he kills himself along with ten, or a hundred, or two hundred other people, then Islaam will not benefit by that, since the people will not accept Islaam, contrary to the story of the boy. Rather it will probably just make the enemy more determined, and this action will provoke malice and bitterness in his heart to such an extent that he may seek to wreak havoc upon the Muslims.

This is what is found from the practice of the Jews with the people of Palestine ­ so when one of the Palestinian blows himself up and kills six or seven people, then in retaliation they take sixty or more. So this does not produce any benefit for the Muslims, and does not benefit those amongst whose ranks explosives are detonated.

So what we hold is that those people who perform these suicide (bombings) have wrongfully committed suicide, and that this necessitates entry into Hell-Fire, and Allaah¹s refuge is sought and that this person is not a martyr (shaheed). However if a person has done this based upon misinterpretation, thinking that it is permissible, then we hope that he will be saved from sin, but as for martyrdom being written for him, then no, since he has not taken the path of martyrdom. But whoever performs ijtihaad and errs will receive a single reward (if he is a person qualified to make ijtihaad).”


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