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 Questioner 1: There is someone who has made a fourth category for Tawheed and called it Tawheed al-Haakimiyyah

Shaikh Fawzaan: [interjecting]… This is misguidance…, this is misguidance. This is misguidance and an [unnecessary] addition, …which the people of knowledge have not affirmed. Tawheed is but two or three categories… this is contradictory, one person says Tawheed is only one category and another says it is four categories. All of this is misguidance.

Questioner 1: This person’s evidence is that the basis for this categorisation…

Shaikh Fawzaan: [interjecting]… [words unclear].. Tawheed ul-Haakimiyyah an independent category and it does not enter into Tawheed ul-Uloohiyyah? It enters …into Tawheed ul-Uloohiyyah! It is a type of worship and is a type of devotion to Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic

Questioner 2: He says that these three categorisations, al-Uloohiyyah, ar-Ruboobiyyah and al-Asmaa was-Sifaat, he says that this is a matter which is arrived at by the ijtihaad of the scholars, or by way of investigation and analysis (istiq…raa’).

Shaikh Fawzaan: That is sufficient for us, we will not add to what they have unanimously agreed upon, and they agree upon this.. [then] there comes an ignoramus in the twentieth century… he says ‘I am a Mujtahid and I will add to what the People of Knowledge have agreed upon’. This is misguidance…

Questioner 2: [interjecting]…

Shaikh Fawzaan:This is clear error! Because al-Haakimiyyah enters into Tawheed ul-Uloohiyyah. Who has made it another category or made it an independent category? Will he make the prayer into a fifth or sixth …category and jihaad a seventh category? [Because] all of the types of worship are from the types of Tawheed? This is not correct…

Imaam al-Albani stated, “‘Al-Haakimiyyah’ is a branch of the branches of Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah, and those who focus their attention upon this newly invented saying in the present age use it as a weapon not to teach the Muslims the Tawheed th…at all of the Prophets and Messengers came with, but rather as a political weapon So if it were not for the fact that they use this saying as a tool for political propaganda of theirs, then we would say, ‘This is our merchandise that has been returned to us’ So we are the ones who propagated this hadeeth, and then it reached the others. Then they advanced one part of Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah or worship, with this innovated title for political aims.” (Al-Muslimoon no.639)


The Committee of Major Scholars on Tawhid al-Hakimiyyah: 03 October at 15:04 ·

Question: “Some people, from the callers, have begun giving importance to mentioning ‘Tawheedul-Haakimiyyah’ in addition to the three well-known categories of Tawheed. So does this fourth category enter within the three categories? or not ‘… such that we make it a separate category which we must give (extra) importance to?

And it is said that Shaikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab gave attention to Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah in his time when he saw that the people fell short of Tawheed in that aspect, and that Imaam Ahmad in his time gave attention to Tawheedul-Asmaa was-Sifaat when he saw the people falling short of Tawheed in that aspect. But as for today then the people fall short with regard to Tawheedul-Haakimiyyah, so therefore we must give attention to it. So how correct is this saying?”

Answer: “Tahweed is of three categories: Tawheedur-Ruboobiyyah, Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah and Tawheedul-Asmaa was-Sifaat, and there is no fourth category. And judging by what Allaah sent down comes under Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah since it is from the types of worship due to Allaah, the One free of all imperfections, and all of the types of worship fall under Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah. Then making ‘al-Haakimiyyah’ a separate category is an innovated matter, which has not been the saying of any of the scholars as far as we know.

However there were some of them who generalised and said that Tawheed is of two classes: Tawheed of things known and affirmed (al-Ma’rifah wal-Ithbaat) – and it is Tawheedur-Ruboobiyyah and Tawheedul-Asmaa was-Sifaat; and Tawheed of purpose and intentions (at-Talab wal-Qasd) – and it is Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah. Then there are others who particularise and so place Tawheed in three categories, as has preceded, and Allaah knows best.

So it is obligatory to give attention to all of Tawheedul-Uloohiyyah, and to begin by forbidding shirk, since it is the greatest of sins and annuls all of the deeds, and a person upon it will remain for ever in the Fire. Also all of the Prophets began with the command to worship Allaah alone and the forbiddance of shirk; and Allaah has commanded us to follow their way and to proceed upon their methodology in da’wah and the rest of the affairs of the deen. So giving attention to tawheed with its three categories is obligatory in every time, since shirk and denial/divestment (ta’teel) of the names and attributes are still found, indeed they occur very often and their danger increases towards the end of time, and the seriousness of these two is a matter hidden from many of the Muslims, and those who call to these two are many and active. So occurrence of shirk is not something restricted to the time of Shaikh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab, nor is denial/divestment (ta’teel) of the names and attributes restricted to the time of Imaam Ahmad, rahimahullaah, as occurs in the question. Rather their danger has increased and their prevalence has grown in Muslim societies today. So they are in the greatest need of those who will forbid from falling into them and who will make clear their danger. Whilst knowing that being upright upon the commands of Allaah and avoidance of what He forbids and applying/judging by His Sharee’ah, all of that falls under realisation of Tawheed and remaining free from shirk.

And may Allaah extol and send peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his true followers and his Companions.

Permanent Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta’

`Abdul-`Aziz ibn `Abdullah ibn Baz
`Abdul-`Aziz Al Al-Shaykh
`Abdullah ibn Ghudayyan
Salih Al-Fawzan
Bakr Abu Zayd

Taken from ‘al-Muslimoon,’ no. 639, 25th of Dhul-Hijjah 1417H which corresponds to Friday the 2nd of May 1997.

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